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August 06, 2021


“Creativity is as important as literacy” ,the quote rightly sums up the   relevance of changing Trends and Techniques of Educating  , in the present world . Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students  in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching.

There was a standstill in education in India the moment the lockdown was announced in March 2020  . Not much of people were  really having the know- how of ONLINE EDUCATION. But yes , “Necessity is the need of invention “. Hence started  the  new Platform or Emerging education through ONLINE MODE. Through online mode we could  even reach out to and provide Quality Education  in the remotest part of the country  .  2020 was a boom time for the constant learners like me . Though ,Technology & Multimedia were always a part of my classroom but I had never taught students virtually . It was a time to go ahead & embrace the new system in Education . I welcomed it wholeheartedly with my undying spirit. I got acquainted with  GOOGLE MEET , ZOOM & MS TEAMS where I taught my students remotely . I explored various sites for building up interactions in virtual classrooms which include NEARPOD , FLIPGRID etc. I used  different sites for  simulations like PHET , JAVA ,TESLA LABS  to  conduct  Lab. Practical virtually . The simulations not only provided relevance of the context to my students,  but also added fun to the learning process .My students were able to co-relate the theory concepts acquired  with practical based skills .

Working with students using INTERACTIVE WORKSHEETS  was an equally enthralling experience , wherein the participation of the entire class could be witnessed simultaneously. There was  no doubt some initial glitches but everything started falling in place as time passed by. We have all become fine & comfortable  with the new normal & now is the era of Blended and  Cooperative learning together. The students are learning easily and that too faster. Teaching through ICT techniques , we can show illustrations, videos , GIF’s and what not . Besides  teaching remotely  through the  ICT techniques , we can  assess and evaluate our learners continuously by using varied tools like online QUIZIZZ , KAHOOT  and GOOGLE FORMS  etc. The students not only imbibe  the concepts better now but also are able to analyse their performance alongside .The things we used to think will waste out time for classroom teaching  , have turned out to be so beneficial in teaching ,as it aids the teaching learning process so very well. So rightly mentioned by Einstein , “Education is not the learning of facts , but training of the mind to think”!

The year 2020 thus has marked the beginning of a new ERA in Education making it more student driven and focusing on building in them the necessary competencies !