·              To propagate, popularize and promote science education.

·              To work for the betterment of science education.

·              To promote innovation in pedagogical concepts in science.

·              To disseminate the scientific information among the learners.

·              To promote research in science education.

·              To help in solving the academic problems of science  teachers.

·              To help and support the children in academics belonging to the weaker sections of the society.




·              Involvement in Science exhibition, Children Science Congress (at all stages upto National level) and INSPIRE programme of Deptt. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

·              Organizing science teaching camps and remedial classes for the children belonging to economically weaker sections of society in GNCT of Delhi.

·              Development of Science Kits for secondary classes under RMSA and Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

·              Organizing popular science lectures for the science teachers and students through seminars, symposia, workshops and study circle meetings.

·              Conducting Science Open Merit Test for class 10th students and awarding mementoes and scholarships to meritorious students.

·              Analyzing of CBSE question papers in science subjects of class 10th and 12th and preparing marking schemes for the same.

·              Celebration of National Science Day and other important International Days of Scientific interest for the cause of science education.

·              Development of Instructional material for science teachers and review of NCERT text books in science subjects.

·              Involvement in in-service training of Science Teachers and Laboratory Assistants.

·              Organizing educational tours for the professional growth of science teachers.

·              Participation in science related academic activities organized by CBSE, NCERT, DST, SCERT, NPL, IARI, INSA, AISTA, Nehru Planetarium, National Science Centre, IAPT, AISTA, ICMF, KVS and Directorate of Education from time to time.

·              To organize study circle meetings , seminars , workshops , conferences for   improvement of science curriculum and its transaction during teaching- learning process.  

·              To organize popular lectures on scientific topics for the benefit of science teachers and students.   

·              To organize free  science teaching camps for the children belonging to socially and economically weaker sections of the society.   

·              To assist the Directorate of Education , Govt. of NCT of Delhi in training programmes for science teachers  and laboratory assistants.  

·              To have effective liaison with various Govt. Agencies viz.  Directorate of Education , SCERT , NCERT  , CBSE and  Science  Branch. 

·              To review  NCERT  Text books  in sciences and critically examine the class  10th  & 12th  CBSE  question papers in sciences.

·              To supplement the classroom teaching in science  subjects against the vacant posts in Govt. of  NCT  of  Delhi. 

·              To develop question banks and related material (sample papers) for the benefit of science teachers and students.

·              To organize Science Teachers  Congress for the  intellectual and professional uplift of science teachers and make  them innovation conscious.

·              To celebrate the great discovery  of  Nobel Laureate Sir C V Raman of India  as the National  Science  Day in the last week of  February  every year.

·              To arrange excursions to distant places  of scientific importance and gain first hand knowledge of nature and natural phenomena.

·              To organize  Science Open Merit Test  (S.O.M.T.)  every year for class  X  students . It prepares the students for forthcoming annual examination and future competitions . Meritorious students  are  rewarded with scholarships, prizes and certificates etc.

·              To  publish  News letter  periodically.